Commercial Remodeling Tips From The Pros In Western Massachusetts

Sometimes it isn’t easy to figure out what to focus on when planning out a commercial remodeling project.

Not all commercial remodeling projects are done to suit a new tenant or certain type of business. There are plenty of times when the building may be restored or remodeled just to bring it up to date aesthetically. And sometimes the electrical systems or plumbing systems need replacement so the owner goes ahead with a more extensive remodeling plan.

If you are remodeling for those reasons, there are some things you can focus on to make it easier to plan. And, there are some things you’ll probably want to know if you’ve never been responsible for such a project before.

Our Massachusetts pros at The Yankee Craftsman have a few tips for your commercial remodeling project. Here are some things to consider which hopefully help you get the most out of the project.

Hire A General Contractor For Commercial Remodeling

A general contractor takes the commercial remodeling project from design to completion. They see to it that e is fully managed including hiring and supervising subcontractors for carpentry, electrical, plumbing, masonry, drywall, flooring, and painting.

They also take care of the architectural plans, permitting, passing inspections, and everything involved to see the process to completion. Unless you want to tackle these things yourself, a general contractor is the only really feasible choice you can make for commercial remodeling.

Focus On The Priorities When Planning Commercial Remodeling

Yes, it’s wonderful to get anything you want, but it’s best to know what to put first when planning. For instance, you should always consider the condition of the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing system of the commercial building as a priority. These systems may be in bad shape or in an unsafe condition. It’s better to find out prior to the plan by asking for a professional inspection.

This way, your budget is used first for building safety instead of adding onto the budget later when you tear out a wall and find it in bad shape. Look to remediate these two things first instead. Nine times out of ten, you may just need a simple electric panel upgrade and be able to move onto the fun stuff.

Plan Where To Splurge & Where To Save In Advance When Remodeling A Commercial Building

If you plan in advance, it will be easier to stay within your budget while choosing materials. We can get pretty emotional when we see something we like, so it’s easier to decide what areas are more important to splurge on before we even start looking at new flooring, lighting, or accessories. Section out enough wiggle room in the budget for those categories in advance.

For instance, if you know your business will receive a lot of foot traffic, a more durable and easy to care for flooring material would be wise. You can save in other areas such as nixing the solid mahogany wall paneling you really want and choose a mahogany veneer. Or, choose budget-friendly light fixtures or less expensive decor and furnishings to get the solid mahogany if there won’t be a lot of foot traffic going on.

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