What To Know About Fire & Water Damage Repairs In Western Massachusetts

Even a small fire or a plumbing leak can cause serious damage to your home. In addition to the fire damage, you’ll also be faced with water damages from putting out the fire and smoke damage.

If your property is not properly cleaned and restored, the fire and water damages can cause serious long term problems. Mildew and mold growth are common after such damages because they love the damp, dark places to grow. In your walls, under carpeting or flooring materials, in attics, in basements, and all soaked up into your drywall, water alone can destroy your home if left unattended. Odor from smoke and mildew decay is a problem that lingers for years until it is properly dealt with.

In 2012 many homeowners experienced the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Imagine what a category 3 hurricane like Wilma would do to our area.

Storms, hurricanes and brutal winds can cause serious damage to your home, tearing off shingles and roofs, crashing trees through windows and causing structural damage as well as flooding basements and homes.

Many home restoration contractors were there to help homeowners after Hurricane Sandy with the rebuilding of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and other coastal cities.

Whether it’s fire or water damage, situations like this are never easy, so it’s best to be prepared for the worst in advance so you know what to do if the time comes when you need help. Here are some tips to help you out.

Do Not Let Water Sit in Your Home

Water damage is an issue that often occurs after fire, flooding, or plumbing leaks. Dealing with it can be a very difficult experience to go through for any homeowner. The problem is that you’re already under enough stress, so dealing with it will only add to the stress.

However, if you do not deal with the water damage right away, then the issue could get out of control and damage a lot of your more expensive possessions. To make matters worse, standing water and wet materials can cause mold issues and problems which can affect allergies or even worse cause a trip to the hospital due to the exposure of fecal bacteria.

One thing you should know is that storm flooding that reaches to the interior of your home is often contaminated by the sewer system, especially if your neighborhood street is under water. Do not think that since it came from clean rain, it is not harmful. It contains germs, viruses, bacteria, and other organisms that will make you sick.

The Best Fire & Water Damage Repair Specialist In Western Massachusetts

If you ever experience damage caused by fire, water, smoke, falling tree branches, or anything else, then contact an experienced restoration specialist who is local to the area. You don’t want to have fire and water damage repairs and then not be able to contact them again because they aren’t around to handle the problem.

During hurricanes and other natural disasters, there are many companies who come in to take advantage of the amount of work that needs to be done. While this is good because the local contractors couldn’t possibly do all the restorations themselves, it can be hard on the homeowner if something goes wrong with the work later. Choose local first so you can build a relationship with the contractor and get help whenever you need it.

The Yankee Craftsman understands all of your fire and water damage issues and specializes in the repair and restoration of homes in Western Massachusetts. As a local remodeling contractor, we have you covered for any type of damage. We work closely with your insurance company to maximize repair coverage.

Our fire and water damage repair services include:

Wind Damage RepairWater Mitigation and RemovalEmergency Response
Fire Damage RepairsBroken WindowsRestorations
Smoke RestorationClean up of Soot & DebrisInsurance Company Assistance
Hail Damage RepairsSiding RepairsPersonalized Service

If you have questions or need Fire & Water Damage Repairs in Western Massachusetts, please call The Yankee Craftsman at (413) 896-5073 or complete our online request form.

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